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BAGUIO CITY . . . City of Pines, Summer Capital of the Philippines, Vacation Spot, University City . . . so many titles, so many names. Crisp mountain air, mile high resort . . .  native home to a number of Filipino-Americans based in San Diego, California, U.S.A., who have gathered to form the Baguio City Association of San Diego County.

We have common memories and experiences from being born in or having once lived in that special City in the mountains; shared hopes that we can put together our talents and resources to help the less fortunate in Baguio; and active participation in efforts to make a difference in the community we now live in -- San Diego County.
The Lion's Head along Kennon Road welcomes residents and visitors to Baguio City.
Burnham Park and Lake - a favorite for strolling, boating, or just watching people go by.
Botanical Garden - lush vegetation and greenery surrounding village settings typical of the natives of the region.
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Page was last updated: October 21, 2006
A peek at Mt. Sto. Tomas through the pine trees.
Come visit with us. Learn about us. Read our By-Laws. Get to know our Officers and Members and find out what we're doing. Share our goals, projects, accomplishments and activities. If you or  someone in your family has roots in Baguio City in the Philippines, come join us!

We hope you like our web site, and we encourage you to sign our Guestbook (on the left). Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. If you're already a Member, send us hometown or San Diego news, pictures and other items that will be of interest to others, and which we can post on the Site. Use the Guest Book or send an e-mail to the Webmaster. We promise to look at all suggestions to improve the Site.

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Welcome, Kabayan! Welcome, Ka-ilian!
The Baguio City Association will hold a Picnic on September 30, to celebrate the 97th charter anniversary of Baguio. The actual Baguio City Charter Day is September 1, 2006.

It is expected that this year’s Charter Day celebration in the mountain city will be highlighted by the traditional program on September 1. Every year, the City Government  presents the “Outstanding Baguio Citizen” award to residents for their contributions in the development of the country’s summer capital. Prominengt national government officials are often invited to participate and join the residents in the festivities. 

Originally called “Kafagway” by the native Ibaloi settlers, Baguio began to draw the interest of the American colonial government at the turn of the last century after Dean Worcester, a member of the Philippine Commission, ventured into this area of the Cordillera which he later described as a “temperate region of pines.”

Given its conducive climate, Baguio was declared in 1903 to become the country’s summer capital, from where national government officials would administer the affairs of the state during the dry summer months.

Following the opening of the Kennon Road as the main gateway from Manila and the lowlands, Baguio was formally founded on September 1, 1909, as the country’s second-chartered city after Manila. Justice George Malcolm of the US, in whose honor the city plaza was named, wrote the city charter. 

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The Baguio Association of San Diego, Inc. members elected Rudy D. Liporada as their new president during the association’s picnic at the Rohr Park in Bonita last Sept. 30, 2006. They also elected Hermie Sarmiento as their new vice-president for administration. On hand to congratulate Liporada and Sarmiento was Rita Buencamino Andrews, president of the Council of Philippine American Organizations of San Diego County.

Liporada takes over the association’s cudgels from Lillian Ares who served an extended term and who now serves as one of the advisers to the presidency. Apart from the president and the vice-president, the rest of the officers of the BCASDC include Fred Gallardo, vice-president for operations; Vina M. Phelps, recording secretary; Edith Donaldson, corresponding secretary; Pura Gordon, treasurer; Cyd Gallardo, assistant treasurer; Pete Tanglao, PRO; Rico Bona, assistant PRO; Lalaine Velasco-Uvero, business manager; Fredz Madriaga and Martin Cabigas, property custodians; and Arlito Reclosado, Jake Borillo, and John Paul Manalo, marshalls.

The Board of Directors of the association includes Liza Cabigas, Susan Tugade, Chris Ares, Bayani Mejia, Rey Tugade, Cesar Almonte, Humbert Gali, Ed Matulac, Ron Caccam, Andy Velbis, and Audie Amarando.

With Lillian Ares as advisers are Felipe Labarinto, Imelda LasaM, Arlito Reclosado and Ed Buenaflor.

In his acceptance speech, Liporada said that, at first, he was reluctant to agree with those who wanted to nominate him for the post because he was relatively new in San Diego. “However,” he said, “I have come to realize that this is not about being an old timer or new timer in San Diego. It is about giving back to the City that we all love.

“I believe that if I am enjoying the blessings of the United States, it is because of everything I learned from Baguio City, the experiences I have evolved within me had their roots in Baguio City.

“So, I believe that we have to give back and one of the ways of doing this is through the Baguio Association of San Diego, Inc. With this association, projects could be evolved that could be beneficial for the City.”

Liporada is the publisher and editor of the San Diego Kapitbahay. He also runs, with his wife, Aurea, Lutuang Best, a subsidiary of Saladmaster, which is dedicated to cooking for cure and for prolonging lives through healthy utensils for cooking.

The installation of officers of the association is tentatively penciled for January 27, 2007. Details are to be discussed at a meeting of the officers and board on Saturday, October 21, 2006. Contact any of the elected officers for details.
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September 10, 2005, was a bright and sunny day. Ideal for the annual potluck family picnic of BCASDC. We're hoping that the weather will be as nice on September 30, 2006. This is the date selected by the Officers and Board of Directors for the annual affair. Venue for this year's affair will again be the Rohr Park in Chula Vista. Families are urged to arrive at 10 a.m., although those working that morning shouldn't worry. Just show up! Everyone will have a lot of fun, with raffles, games, and the company of townmates, friends and classmates from yesteryears..We'll also have the election of the president and other officers and members of the Board of Directors.

If you were at last year's picnic, check out the pictures on the News and Photos pages. If you missed the picnic, check the pictures and be sorry that you missed all the fun, and make sure you attend this year's event. Mark your calendars - September 13!